This locker solution is made of easy-to-clean and seawater-resistant aluminium. High-grade aluminium, a material familiar from shipbuilding, is 100% corrosion-resistant, even on cut edges.
A form-fit connection is created by means of the compression jointing process — familiar from automotive and aerospace production — with good transverse tensile strength without welding. There is a choice of 3 door options:

  • Doors made of aluminum
  • Doors made of compact grade laminate
  • Doors made of glass

As with all KEMMLIT lockers an extensive variety of accessories are available.



The TYPO R system is suitable for personnel lockers, wardrobe lockers, valuables lockers and deposit box lockers. It can be used in a broad area of application:

  • Wellness & Spas
  • Sport & Fitness centers
  • Pools
  • Hospitals
  • lndustry

  • Fittings and Accessories

    Match your wardrobe to the requirements of your users. The comfort for the user increases with useful fittings.


    • Hat shelf with coat rail and double hook
    • Hat shelf made of aluminium rails
    • Additional shelf
    • Fixed or moveable partition
    • Hook made of nylon or aluminium
    • Towel hook
    • Shower gel shelf
    • Shoe tray
    • Extractable clothes rail
    • Clothes hanger
    • Bag shelf
    • Helmet shelf
    • Extractable bench seating
    • and many more

    Special accessories for fire brigades and rescue teams:

    • Helmet holder
    • Sturdy hook for fire fighter belt
    • Internal deposit box with insertion slit

    We will gladly help you choose. Your personal sales representative will gladly advise you.

  • Ventilation

    A smart ventilation concept offers many advantages: it prevents unpleasant odours and allows for clothes to dry fast.

    Self ventilation:
    All models are designed to provide permanent air circulation. This is accomplished with a recessed top and base or with ventilation perforation within the back panel or door. With an additional perforated base the air exchange can be increased.

    Electronic ventilation:
    In order to increase the air exchange within the locker and to speed up the drying process of clothes, the wardrobe can be outfitted with an electronic ventilator, continually blowing the humid air out of the locker.

    Forced ventilation:
    For ideal air circulation and a perfect indoor climate it is recommendable to connect the locker to an on site ventilation system. The connection is accomplished with an adjustable disc valve within the locker top. As an alternative the ventilation channel can run through the sloping locker top. We recommend HPL infill panels above the locker all the way up to the ceiling as an elegant way to hide the ventilation channels.

  • Surface Design

    With the implementation of individual digital and foil prints, various wooden decors or special colours, your wardrobes and deposit box lockers will turn into real eye-catchers!

    Digital print:
    These are ideally feasible with HPL doors. Unique changing room areas evolve with special designs. There are no limits to the imagination regarding the themes.

    Foil prints:
    Foil print can be realised on any surface - large-scale or as isolated design. We will gladly consider your individual design already during the planning stage.

    Wooden decor and special colours:
    on request we also offer various wooden decors and special colours.

  • Powerbox Deposit Lockers

    The new KEMMLIT powerBox deposit box lockers are the perfect solution for recharging batteries and keeping them safe at the same time. Each compartment is supplied with two electrical outlets and two USB connections, so e-Bike batteries, smartphones, tablets and laptops can be recharged.

    The KEMMLIT safety package, consisting of an overload protection and an earth leakage circuit breaker, ensures that the recharge unit will be cut from the electric circuit at once in case of fault currents or overload of the electric circuit. Injuries to persons or damage to the electric circuit can thus be
    prevented. The standard break-in constraint prevents theft and vandalism.

    The locker body is made of sea water resistant aluminium. The doors are made of solid grade HPL, available in 15 different colours. Sturdy fittings such as the robust stainless steel hinges and a door opening restraint are included in the standard package. The safety energy bars can be exchanged if necessary via the service lockers. Three electrical outlets are required on site for the electrical power supply.

    The KEMMLIT powerBox deposit lockers are intended for inside usage. For outside areas it would be advisable to have a canopy provided by others as protection from weather impacts.

    The lockers can either be used for employees of a company or in public areas during a stay at a swimming pool, shopping mall or hotel. Only TÜV and GS (tested safety) tested components are used for the powerBox deposit box lockers.

    • Safe:
      Due to circuit breaker and break-in constraint
    • Simple:
      Pre-installed outlets therefore easy operation
    • Flexible:
      Expansion and replacement of electric circuits available without difficulty